for the 24th blog exclusive we have a whole entire extras edit from the mutanty edit. enjoy preferably after you've stolen and drank all your dad's canadians eh


the Mutant-E edit

MUTANTY from PTFS on Vimeo.
filmed in a two day period, one day each being spent on an individual side of the duel mountain.

featuring: brin alexander, bryan bowler, coulton conway, nick elliott, adam franks, jesse loucks, ben poechman, evan stum, martyn vachon, brodey wolfe, & a pat brobeck cameo (sorta).

made by: colter heard

the title is a simple combination of the words mutiny and mutants.

new ting in the works




NO TIME from PTFS on Vimeo.

no time  : a fine short feature film from the streets of ontario and also our local resort, dagmar. the title and footage reflects the none existent winter and the boys progressing into steady work life.


the exact range of emotions felt when filming a hane kinked rail




before the bender begins~


nick and martyn testing the Ben Boat off Big Ben

first bowler wedding <3 p="">

it was good getting to see brother adam & brother stu

brother geoffrey also made it to down for the wedding and some end of the season boarding

we spent a weekend stranded in seattle on darrah's account. it was a nice break from snowboarding. as well as, a fun adventure exploring a city none of us had explored b4.

nick on the day he bought his new baby

shovelling roofs with brodey

jesse boardin some crystal chair pillows with his sick Michael Jordan Ride board 

big O won the drawing contest and received a vans shoe that even he is too small for