Keenan Norton // 2014 from Keenan Norton on Vimeo.
thank you everyone who helped get this done.

Digi Dump: Kuzyk Style

damn yo, back in the day blogs were the shit. you could see all the dumb shit your favourite snowboarders were up too, on a not so regular basis. (gnarcore.com, kuzyks blog, make, etc.) Instagram has killed the blogspot, but fuck it, I'm still here

first day grouse

nick had fallen off the chair into this puddle moments earlier

grasser over the waterfall

the hype man himself


                                                                                full page layne sequence on this famous spot

front feeble to flat

famous brissespot                                      this one is for vanderbeak


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Dagmar Ski Resort

Featuring: Geoff Bowler, Martyn Vachon, Daniel Glibota, Austin Hutchings, Joel Vachon, Graham Hodder, Cooper Dykeman

Supported by: Capita, Rome, Union, 686, Boobeyes, Switch, Coal, Union


Switch Crew and a couple others went snowboarding
Opening weekend at Dagmar X 1 night at Glen Sweden
"If i see another chairlift shot in an edit i'll probably kill myself"

Patrick Crane
Thomas Kimura
Ryan Rose
Liam Robinson
Gordon Birnie
Mike Flint
Dawson McLachlan
Adam Mclean
Hayden Edwards
Geoffrey Bowler
Michael Morkowski
Cooper Dykeman
Daniel Glibota
Luke Camozzi


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From Dagmar, Lakeridge and Orillia.

Goeff Bowler, Joel Vachon, Graham Hodder, Martyn Vachon, Cooper Dykeman, Dawson MchLachlan, Keenan Norton

Supported by : Boobeyes, Capita, Union, 686, Rome, Switch, Coal

Edited: Joel Vachon
Titles: Colter Heard