stu? is that you?


Aint Finna | The Half Length Snowboard Video from Dawson Mclachlan on Vimeo.

A look into our journey throughout the past year, a recollection of past events in what we hope to be amusing and interesting.

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Edited by :Dawson McLachlan

Featuring Mark Goodall, Chris Fellner, Cooper Dykeman, Dawson McLachlan, Quin Ellul & Daniel Glibota

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Pink Floyd - Pigs

Kodak Black - My Wrist

6 Dogs - No Savage

Cousin Stizz - Headlock

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old phone IPHONEDUMP pt.3 ~ the last for awhile

yo what's good

this is the final of the three part dump series.. hanh
i hope you got what you needed and i have wasted enough of your life.


mount burn 

in our backyard

kamloops dead cow

 filming for stairsmasters in -20 with just nic and me was much fun

 franks going for a transfer of pain at this spot

we went down mcconkey's and ben thought it would be a good idea to follow the creek bed all the way down to creekside. it was a tight track navigating giant holes into the water. max was the only victim, suffering wet boots on our bus ride back to the village due to a missing final uploads.

this winter we shovelled roofs to make extra $$

dirt trail

rossland toque

 connor found this foto of me on whistler winter fb lol

the baker dino house, thnks sean & jeff for letting us crash! best of times

 stu's vacay

 adam's big box truck

chad cam

fun times stranded in seattle with darrah

big ben again

 potato cam

 bowler wedding

 the baked salmon course build