blog exclusive #28 Seymour Bonus

by majority vote you have chosen to see more seymour footage... here you go

thank you, now i can free up space for future editing endeavours... coming soon.


things i have heard

Coulton yelling at Brin ~ "you shoulda had a gopro on your head your whole fuckin' life"

I remark that a song playing in Holce's car is intense, he says ~ "This part of the game sucks, it's when you gotta grind like a mother fucker"

"being on the Garfs skate team was the highlight of my life" ~ Patrick Brobeck

"I'd rather bash my brains out on this curb, than listen to that hocus pocus in there!" ~ Andrew Geeves, referring to the screamo band at the DOPE snowboards release party

"Jon Kooley brought a pole jam on trips, in his board bag" ~ Ben Bilocq



it's all happening, but nothing is happening