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//60 SECONDS | LAKERIDGE\\ from PocketFigures Productions on Vimeo.

messing around with colors, a minute at lakeridge, filmed by tommy, yes.. tommy.


Da Bowlers

Taking It E Z With The Bowlers from PocketFigures Productions on Vimeo.

Bryan broke his ass during pre season, Geoffrey was recently concussed, so here's some chilled laps with them at Dagmar.

Weekly Piece #32

park rangers won the poll, here's a quick piece. What is park rangers exactly? well you'll have to wait and see.

SWiTCH Thursday Night's

Harrison Long rides for IRAWKIT, he is good. He also rides for PF. and will have a part in our upcoming flick, check him out

S. T. C. Episode 6

Mike holdin down the edits and keeping his word, here's episode 6 featuring a PF. rider by the name of John



They asked me for screen grab, i gave them screen grabs.


Poll Results

pickels is still the pickler

Weekly Piece #31

waaay overdue, hey we've been busy


Asking the Pickler Some Questions

Name: Nicholas "Pickalas" Elliott
Date of Birth: March 1st 1994
Hometown: Whitby Ontario
Sponsors: What are sponsors?

Why do you ride for PF?
PF is our "crew" or "posse" or whatever you call a bunch of buddys having fun snowboarding, it keeps us together and you gotta rep yourself and your friends somehow.

Hobbies off the board?
Party, hangout with my buddys, play video games of course, I play soccer too!....what?

Hows livin' on Nettles?
Living on Nettles has its ups and downs, it's close to everything you need(grocery store, school, local ski slope), although the snow turns to ice within 5 hours.

Musical Preferences?
Old rock for sure, Pink Floyd, The Beatles, T-hip. Ive also been known to have some T-Swift and The Fray on my ipod. Whatever pumps you up right?

Why are you referred to as Pickels?
There once was a park ranger by the name of Eric Harrison (E-bonk) his wise words were "right now your a little pickle, but one day you will become a great big cucumber". They also seem to get stuck in my braces which the ladys dig.

Favourite places to ride?
The dirty Dag, only because its the only place I ride. Oh ya right now the streets and I are having good time, gettin some shots for the new flick.

How long have you been riding Dagmar?
8 seasons and counting

Snot Rockets or lip chap?
Snow rockets are fun to fire at people from the lift.

Plans for this season?
Enter some contests, hit lots of handrails and other cool stuff, maybe even a road trip, eat shit alot, power laps at dag with the kids and Hopefully watch a full length PF video at the end of it all.

Future livin plans?
This area is blurry, not sure yet, still in grade 11, not stoked to leave southern Ontario...wait what the fuck...fuck Ontario!

Inspirations on the shred?
So many, I watch too many snowboarding edits/videos and visit blogs and what not daily that each inspire me. footyfiend, peachhat, Kuzyks blog, transworld are some cool ones. Papa Lloyd helps me get the shot too

Fav 5 riders?
Jake Kuzyk, Nic Sauve, Alex Beebe, Ted Borland, Geoffery Bowler

Fav video part of 09//10?
Ted Borland in The Leak

How many puddels have you skipped?
Dont you mean how many puddles have you done the front stroke in?

Any last words for all the kids?
Shoot snot rockets at people, bomb past slow signs, dont swizzle, eat pulled pork, snow old ladys, dont snow asian skiers go through them, puke at partys, and have fun thats why were here.


a must watch

DUMB DUMS from Russell Lee on Vimeo.

Apollo Kids
Sean Sheffey tribute

Chris Stathis
Dustin Ewanowich
Sean Dieno
Colton Showers
Adam Mills
Nigel Joycey
Matt Hodgson
Matt Heneghan
Russell Lee
Nick Felice
Corey Mcintosh
Jake Kuzyk
Matt Munn
James Agostino
Sean O'Brien

was always told its good to share.
James Agostino's part is dope

A simple request

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On The DL from PocketFigures Productions on Vimeo.

some dudes snowboarding at lakeridge.

the phardyde - on the dl


Weekly Piece #30

too busy riding lately to draw or spend time editing. This is a quick poster thing i made for this years full length