Late K-Town update

4rth year now road tripping to Killington I think, and I never regret it, especially this one. 8 hour road trip from bowmanville, immediately start with coffee and complimenting lady's haircuts at a small donut shop outside Cam's house. Traveling with Cam, Jordan, and Colin, was difficult not to have a good time. Man oh man, did we have some laughs through out this trip. We got ourselves a kickass condo like 2 min away from the mountain. Cam hooked it up, we had a squash court, hot tub, pool, sauna, and to end it all a nice fire inside the condo. First day on the Hill was anarchy. +13 march break weather, mans were boarding with there short shorts on. The line up to the only chairlift available were fucking huge. So we ended up going back to the joint to grab some beers and food, then went back up and hicked the park. Oh btw the park was PACKED. Second day, it was -5 full out blizzard mid winter kind of shit. This weather is fucked, we are fucked. Full on pow slashes all day. It kinda gave me a lil teaze for what whis is getting right now. Here comes the fun part, on our way home it did not stop snowing until we reached Oshawa, it took 11 hours to get home.. Cam almost put us in the cabbage 3 times, but he got us home safe none the less. Some time when we were out in the states, I believe Cam found a Dunkin Donuts gift card in a grocery store. So on our way home Cam decided to check if theres any money. Turns out there was 35 bucks on it. "DINNER IS ON ME BOYS" - Cam ... but the cashier lady screwed up or this card is some sort of Magic card or some shit, didn't really deduct the amount we were purchasing, instead it would put money on the card. It was fucked. We bought food and drinks, we paid for the food and drinks and then it added like 25 bucks. We don't know if we found a visa dunking donuts card, we don't know if we are wanted from Dunkin, who's know. Until next time DD . 

PS; we still have the card

Photos: Colin Gallant
Words: Joel Vachon



Documentation: Hiking And Garfs Film

documentation: opening day 2016

~whis opened with the most snow they've had in november in the last decade. with it nuking everyday and everything down to the valley getting filled in. the boarding has never been so good. documenting such events has been hard due to the sheer amount of snow and joy we've had boardin.