things of interest

watch this video, it will change your life



if you havnt done so, please head over to yobeat and like my video, i need some new clothes for back to school or leave hate on my melon head!!!!



Bas got his hat-trick of firsts yesterday

he was stoked


look out for the lakeridge kid


if you are ever getting bummed about snowboarding read and remember this

its about skating, but whatever, same shit


finally copped a fish

watch the banger it is r e t a r d e d

the boys blessin use with promos


documentation: summer

i was looking at my grade 1 year book, lundy was just graduating grade 8...this is a gem


Weekly Piece #62


Jill's puppy..

pickles pup



shout out to colter for putting this shit together


Tommy Says..

COC Contest

Alright guys here is the deal! this is a contest entry for COC. This pretty much sums up our trip (mine, jills, joels, and babbins) so this is the edit that was made (so far). Anyways for this to be entered, COC downloaded this video and it will be online on their page in september. The way that it is going to work is the video that they like most in combination with the most likes and views on their accounts video, so I'll need everyone to watch it as many times as you can, and create vimeo accounts! dont worry about liking this video on my account, but I will post another link in september. So why am I realllyy needing your support? some of the prizes include becoming their film intern for a month next year, winning more trips out there next year, or $2500 worth of oakley gear, and a shit load of vitamin water. Anywaysss, until then enjoy this edit!


New Station

getting ready to move. this is my current editing station
kiddie table

the boots i rode for half the season


kid is unstoppable, winning everything!

Style Watch

Mack shows how to do a proper hot garbage