Fun Dagmar Ender Video

Dagmar is done, this is the footage from the last few days.


Nick, Bas, Colter are in Vermont, look out for an edit soon.


Edits in The Vault

So I've been saving edits every now and then just so when the summer excitement passes and everyone wants to start snowboarding again there will be something new to watch.


PocketLint Teaser #1

edited by colter heard


Another Update

tons of shots, bangers, and fun.

simons first rail

ready to drop

another handrail session in lindsay. same spot again



got the chance to go with my school to mount orford in quebec for pretty cheap. had fun riding trannys, park, and tons of fresh snow.
a look at the view

The Dirty Sock pit, oh yes it smelled

Third park pass this year, this one was actually worth it.

rocking red chair with Calvin

our bus driver LongMan Chan, man was holding it down. Thats it, no video, just pictures going to just have to wait till the teaser which i cant guarantee soon. BUT subscribe to MorrisonVisuals, he'll post a teaser as soon as he has 100 subscribers!