Sorry For The Lack Of Posts

The New Year has been a busy one to say the least. Working full-time at the Dag and snowboarding during the remaining time, really has a way of killing a bloggers motivation. "Chapter Two" filming has now come to an end and is in the long, long editing process (which is slacked on, much like the blogging). Hopefully soon I will be able to do a big documentation of some of our travels. Peace till then



all been sick so far my dogs, key events i would like to highlight. - in calgary cole was rippin the van in some deep pow all of a sudden the gas meter shoots right down. we look underneath the van and its literally pissing out fuel. we thought we were fucked. were sittin in timmies calling a bunch of mechanics but it was to late. so we smoke a doobie and jordan decides to crawl underneath the van and investigate high as fuck. couple minutes later boom! all it was, was a loose connection of some shit that he clicked back together. - after boarding one day i took the bus to bryans, we chilled bluh bluh bluh, so i leave and decide to hitchhike back to alpine from creekside. (even though i had bus money) a few cars pass and some dude from Seattle picked me up. middle age guy liked football just here for the weekend staying somewhere near lost lake. i through my snowboard in the trunk of the SUV next to a set of golf clubs. he was just heading to the upper ville, as thats halfway to alpine. so i get out of the car at highway 99 and lorimer. i said thanks a lot man for the ride, and forgot to mention to him that my snowboard is in the trunk. so as i get out i immediately head for the trunk. as i pull the handle of the trunk he starts accelerating. i begin to sprint down the middle of the highway in snowboard boots yelling heyyyyy!!!!! waving my hands in the air in attempt to catch his eye. But he's long gone. next i obviously assumed that he stole it intentionally, so im so fucking pissed but more upset. i wonder through parking garages looking in the back of vehicles i thought could potentially be it. so no luck. i get on the bus and go home. everyone tells me its gone and im never gonna get it. the next day i called whistler lost and found and reported the item. (complete shot in the dark)5 days later, i get a call from the lost and found, best day ever, so that dude was a good guy after all. .