Weekly Piece #29

been busy snowboardingg, pickels and i ventured into l-town and got some clips for the new flick. This is another lame excuse for a weekly piece. Panasonic HDC-TM700, shits legit


Q n A with Colter Heard

Colter "Prego" Heard

A month prior to 4'20 in 93'till infinity

Little Britain, Ontario

What is PocketFigures?
A name for our video's and our crew, meaning/origin is yet to be discovered

Inspirations to make videos and blog?
I'm a skate/shred nerd, hyped on everyone out there. So figured i'd document my bros, the name and blog are just there to keep everything together

Whats it like growing-up in the middle of no where?
EPIC, massive house to myself, Mount Heard to shred, shitty roads to skate, sooo much gaming, getting all drunk and such with the homies. So its iight, no one skates or snowboards, everyones about hockey and ufc, tight shirts and pussy. Thats why dags and lake are home.

favourite place to ride?
Mount Heard, Whistler, The Lindsay Urban scene

where and what is mt Heard?
Local Hill that has some mellow jibs, and a gnarly booter to flat at the moment. Mainly where i get my self tripod filming going, and that ladies and gentlemen is how you GoPro.

First setup?
plastic board from canadian tire that HAS binders you slip your foot into. Its still kicking around, get gnarly with it on the tramp from time to time

favourite trick?
Air:any tweak grab
Ground:Nollie Bombs

favourite rider(s)
Alex Stathis
Alex Beebe
Alex Furlani
Alex Tank
Alex Cantin
& Any whistler folk
Canadians, Minnesotians
Fuck bear mtn and all these europeans

Music of choice on a bluebird day?
Bob Dylan

You film, ride and edit from what I understand, what camera are you currently using?
Jazz HDV178
Point And Shoot

How do you like riding in Ontario?
There is a reason why its called Ontarrible and why everyone moves out west, handrails are better although snow is very unusual here

Any goals for the upcoming season?
Full possibly Legit Film
having fun
learn new tricks
win shit on wednesdays

New flick for 2010/11 season?

Favourite Toy Figure?
Earthworm Jim

Last words of wisdom?
Girls are like rounding numbers, if they are under 13 just do them in your head..


Putting in Work

i've been in school this whole week and this is what the dirtbags who were off did..


Weekly Piece #28

After three straight days of riding, listening to Dark Side of the Moon, i made a connection. More on this in the furture


First Park Edit

"456" from PocketFigures Productions on Vimeo.

password: dagmar
vimeo wont fade to black, youtube doesnt allow any fucking music, just cant win



Opening ft. Bling Bling Freestyle from PocketFigures Productions on Vimeo.

all i have to show for opening weekend




Opening weekend edit from Mike Morrison himself
more at....

Opening Weekend

this picture sums it all up......


Weekly Piece #26

The PF tees are in, 15 bones a piece

Yetttt Another Mt. Heard Creation

....Something Strange from PocketFigures Productions on Vimeo.

stupid footage was stacking up, made this thing


Dagmar's Open Friday

get stoked and watch Cameron, Jordan, and the Gallant's rip Dag - NineOhhFiveBoarding


bHappy Films

Boreal TVC 2010 - bHappy Films from bHappyFilms on Vimeo.

a real cool edit

Weekly Piece #25

Mt. Heard signature jib.