Arm Staii

staii - There is no known meaning to this slang term, heavily used in todays snowboard scene. The term cant just be written down and pin pointed, it is simply something one has present, or they don't.

this was a draft post i found from a few years ago, idunno what staii is. but the karate chop arm is still a thing

Nick Elliot - Stairsmaster 2017 from Snowboard Jamboree on Vimeo.


north of trumpland

vancouver rain day in the streets, we were all fully breached

Bry came up during Kody's garfs fundraiser, I also won a stepchild snowboard


best place to eat in town Gnarly!

 nick and i just finished his stairsmaster submission, filmed in whistler, kamloops and vancouver 

busiest day of the season

on our last mission to the city, while thrifting alex found a copy of burning bridges in the package
christens en's switch nb was fuxked

essential parking lot stretching


new year same us

wowww it's 2017 now??? this blog has existed for 8 years now?? wtf that's insane!

      The start of this season has been a hectic one. Like each year, the weather is different and the crews change. But it's all still boardin'. This year especially is ON for us western boarders. With Whistler, Seymour and the city getting nuked on with snow, we don't have to go much further than our own backyards to get some. Althoughhhh, Unfortunately with the good comes the bad, with our brother Kody getting seriously injured while filming near downtown. Donate to help Kody here. Everyones got your back, we know you'll be back and strong soon. Nick's doing stairsmasters. shown also hitting his head here. Be safe out there everyone.

    Footage is stacking up and #psychvideo keeps getting put on the back burner. I hope to drop it one day soon if I can ever get some time and inspiration to work on it.

make is dead from Jake Durham on Vimeo.
is pf dead?

Aint Finna~Opening Weekend Dagmar Extravaganza from Dawson Mclachlan on Vimeo.

Dawson seems to have purchased an HVX and is till  not finna

Sincerely, Brighton from Brighton Resort on Vimeo.

these edits are probably the only thing going on the internet that I actually like watching these days