DOCUMENTATION: Boarders Hike Up Blackcomb... Again..

On November 15th, 2016, 
(Exactly a month after out last early season ascend up Blackcomb..)
4 Boarders (Different 1s), & No Dog hike up
the mountain in search of snowboarding.

(Disclaimer: Again, No Actual Snowboarding Photos Below, SORRY)

This time around Stum, Kodiene, Nick & Myself make the trek.

The snow line was at about the same elevation as the month prior.

Here we are almost at Solar

While taking the cat track we ran into a number of different employee vehicles, as well as a cat itself.

Straight to the top

Lunch Zone

We made it to the top of Crystal chair in under three ho

 We then summited Grey Zone to get the powest of the pow (about 15-20cms atop a cRu$tY LAyEr)
Then we boarded the hell outta there yo.
end post~~~ 

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