Full Name : Joel Vachon 
DOB: September 30th 1994 
Hometown: Oshawa 
Sponsors: Capita, 32, Union, 686, 
salmon arms,Beaverwax 

From photographer last year, to full on filmed and editor this year, you’re now a master of all media. Which do you prefer? 
I rather film then take pictures for sure, although I got myself a Lumix this summer, so I will be doing both this winter haha 

So did you actually ever double cork? Or are you lying to everyone? Nah, I woudn't make that up. I was scared shitless on top of the jump line at COC for like a half an hour, and then I just sayd fuck it, its my last day here. Landed it first T. Second try I ate shit, and I haven't done one since. 

5 Favourite Snowboarders?
Jed, Louif, Ojo, Navin. 

What, would you say are your biggest influences for editing Beyond Compare and the Downloaded series this season? 
I really have no clue, I go with the flow and try to keep it my style. I guess i try to find new ways to introduce snowboarding.

Plans for next season?

Filming my second movie

Funniest story from filming BYCP?
This one time in Sherbrook, Quebec. I stopped at a red light and fucked up and wanted to go right. I checked behind me making sure there wasn't a car behind me.  I started backing up and Boom. My dumb ass, backed into a car. I get out and the guy is so pissed, yelling at me in french and shit. The car barely had anything wrong with it, a small little plastic part on the car was broken. My brother helped me out with ​the situation, he speaks much better french then I do, let me tall ya. We told him that this would suck for both of the drivers if we got the cops involved. I told him id give him some cash for the bumper, I guess i didn't really know how much a bumper for a car would be. My first shot at him was 50 bucks, and he fucking took it. Amen. Shoutout Martyn. Wasn't funny at the time but i guess its funny now.

Favourite toy action figure?
Is it bad that I never really owned a action figure when i was a kid. 

If one person in PF could have a reality tv show, who would you pick, and why?
Geoff bowler would be my first and only pick for this. This dude is one of a kind. If he had
his own tv show the dude would make millions. The bowler brothers Tv show would be pretty good to though. 

You are often made fun for of for the shape of your eyes.. Why do you look so asian?
Im not even that asian looking, maybe only when I laugh

How many times have you hit your head?
ALOT, I think i might start wearing my helmet. I usually cut or split my head open, last season
I got a concussed first time, and dude that shit sucks. 

How much guwap you making these days?
Enough to board and own a truck. 

Dude, what are your angles?
+2 and +2 

Nicki Minaj or Beyonce?
Beyonce is the shit

Is the length of BYCP really subliminal advertising for 1817?
It might be.

Favourite Trap Artist at the moment?

I heard you aren’t on Rome anymore.. What's with that?
This is true, they dropped me i guess. Im kinda stoked on it actually haha. I got picked up
by Capita, Im really hyped on the change, i haven't had different boards since i was like 16

Do you feel Martyn’s getting better than you? Do you relate to the famous boarding brother duo the McMorris’?
Haha he's really really good now, the dude is gutty. But I'm feeling inspired this year, so
ima show him whats good. and fuck no i do not. 

This is the end, where you shout-out the $QU@D:
Id like to shoutout my parents, they help out the whole squad every year. So yeah if it wasn't
for them a lot of this shit wouldn't be going down. 

How did the name “Ray” make you feel?
Fuck you bryan

Is geoffrey to blame for everyone in pf being addicted to smoking?
Honestly, yeah he is. But he quit smoking like 8 months ago, I haven't seen him smoke one since. So i guess everyone should just quit. That shit sucks anyways and y'all know it.

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