Documentation: AREA69 PRESEASON

       This pre season our dear friends Sam & Maria found a cabin up a logging road on the duffy. The cabin had a nice mossy patch which would make a perfect open zone to set up some features to board. Although, in the pre season, before there is much of a base, this patch is more of a marsh, oh well. 

Sam drove the grey rail from the footyfiend house up the logging road and through the cross ditches to give us a feature to grind. The first mission up there the snow was hella icy haha. Riding icy bumps isn't the easiest of stuff. But, Bry seemed to have no problem as he put on a demo for us, doing everything first try. Riding year round sure does help huh.

On our second adventure we had three trucks on route up the now snowy road. Sam and Pat's made it with ease, but Ben's big rig didn't have the traction.  Once we got up there and had a pretty good session we decided to board out. This was the best part, most of us hitched Sam's truck in the flats and let go on the downhills. While trying our best to hop the cross ditches and evade the rocks.

All in all the zone was a success, although i dont think any of us are planning on going back now that we have snow in our own backyard. (backyard post coming up next~~~)

first contact from Alex Bielawski on Vimeo.

Biel made this edit which I have already posted, but for the sake of this post it seem it is only fitting to post it again//endpost~~~


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