documentationing: another day another dollar

yo what up bloggers and internet lurkers. if you are viewing this via a laptop like us old schoolers used to back in the day you will notice this blog has had the same layout for far too long. maybe one day a mans will find the time to update...

as far as this dump/update/verbal purge goes, it is now summer and times be tough as painting (or whatever shitty underpaying job) wears down your soul to nothing. being called coltaaaaaa everyday does not help. die austrailians die, i say.

"the last blackcomb edit ever" is nearing completion and i am officially filming a camp backflip mini movie. stay tuned up.

here's some stuff from the end of spring and into the party.

evan enjoying a nice tiki torch on a night downtown at earls. 
i think he's on a business call RIGHT NOW

B.A. made his annual whistler appearance to the garfs womens washroom.

Biker Bryan stunting a crazy fit,  always keeping it HIPHOP

speaking of hip hop, above is a photo of busta rhymes performing the end show of the "telus" festival.

he;s kinda washed if u ask me

adam bouldering at his old place/dan's.
possibly one of the best garages in whistler

nelson with the tiki torch crazy straw

heads on one of the last day of the tube park

stummah with his jamie lynn titty board

"i think double black diamonds are for newbz" "haaa haaa" - asian skier kid at seymour


brodey with a mid-dominoes shift haircut

"every existing thing is born without reason, prolongs itself out of weakness, and dies by chance"

4 dudes up the hurley with 1 sled


vill lurkers

photo of coulton, martyn, evan, and myself promoting our snowboard careers at the house

annie feeding b a

we;ll bye  ▄︻̷̿┻̿═━δΈ€ 'till next time

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