"hello and welcome" to my ecs invitational blog dump. 
during the next few scrolls, you will see a few things i saw on the way to and during, the exclusive contest at the top of mount seymour. pls excuse my lame writing, this is mainly for self documentational purposes.

on friday afternoon after a long work week nick, stum, martyn, coulton, & myself made the commute down the sea2sky. taking our time and making a hundred stops for supplies as per usual ended us in the lot just for sunset.

we managed to get our shit together before complete darkness to make the 1.5hr hike to first peak.

coulton ready for the hike 

pit stop beer break along the hike. 

after reachin the top of dis bitch we set up our tent rigs and got to drinkin, well i did at least. most of these fools went to bed. with myself turning 24 at midnight atop seymour I had to stay up

luckily i did, we ended up going to the top of first peak to watch the northern lights with a little penguin sliding on the side. going to sleep at 3am was okay because i was definitely not prepared enough to sleep on the snow. that shits the real deal

horn's hammock broke and ended up sleeping on a tarp on the deck of the qp in tent village

7 sumthing a.m.

martyn and coulton were the first ones up, hitting the stepup wizzing by nick as he sleeps in his hammock

the winner must make the trophy for the next years contest. this is Al'teryx's trophy. 

peeps slowly started to pile up

joncas was a fellow camper and was doing some good boardini all day

thanks to search and rescue and all others who gave a hand for helping the fallen boarder.

Al Ball bs rodeo

The boarder of the day!
Congrats Ben on beating out TJ in the super finals and taking home the win.
He was going the biggest all day, had an insane amount of handplant variations he fired off one by one first try, mctwists sw and regs, and much more.

Ben was with the first group up there that built the QP.

i think coulton might have went higher than ben on a few of these methods

Horn got the best trick via handpanting the very top of this log 
//it was insane

coulton wanted to take as foto of me 

the man himself 

TJ was killing it all day doing shit i didn't even know he could do. switch inverts and cripplers? when and where the hell you learn those dudee?? one to watch for sure

well im pretty over writing. this was one of the best days of the year(let alone best birthday ever) 

Thank you Seymour and ECS for bringing the culture, which snowboarding could always use more of~~~

~ and thanks again for viewing. 


L8 develop goodies

brodey tried his best to give the people the devil's dub when nick would not provide. too bad he didn't go for the dub brodeo, he may not have snapped his twig.

Bry Guy with the always stylish braids

reshaping was a must in between heats.

bf & gf ting

hene the mc

get 2 da choppa


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